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Qivana has some of the best natural products on the planet! All of our products are backed by award winning scientists and documented science. Our product systems address some of the most urgent needs in the world today. These products work inside of your body to bring back that vital energy everyone needs while helping to make you look and feel younger on the outside, with our newest addition SkinShift® by Dr. Ruthie Harper.

Qivana’s world class product line represents an exciting business opportunity with unlimited potential. When you become a Qivana Independent Business Owner, you can generate income from your home-based business that could range from paying for your own products each month, to earning an extra $500 per month to a very substantial six figure income, or better. It’s completely up to you. Use our world class products and business support system as the tools for your success. Whatever your goals are as a Business Owner, we know that you’re in the right place at the right time with Qivana. We look forward to having you as a valued member of our team. Click here for more information about Qivana or to order products.

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You have goals and dreams. Let me and Qivana help you achieve them. Qivana has empowered thousands of people with the opportunity to realize their dreams. Whether your goals are physical or financial, I will help you every step of the way.

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There are no guarantees regarding income and the success or failure of any participant, like any other business, it depends upon each participant’s own skills and personal efforts. Any results discussed reflect the results of the particular individual, and some results are atypical. Earnings are based upon individual performance. All commissions are paid on product sales, personal enrollments and team productivity. Your results can and will vary.
Prime System

Prime System

The Miracle Molecule

Nitric Oxide, also known as N-O, is a truly a miracle molecule. It is a gas, naturally produced throughout the body, but in a remarkable discovery scientists proved that it acts as a messenger enabling several processes critical for health. Read more…

Metaboliq System

Metaboliq System

METABOLIQ®— A world class system that can correct and reset your metabolism. Unlike short-term products that can only mask symptoms, the benefits of correcting your metabolism are more dramatic and produce far superior body changes that are healthier and more sustainable for the long-term. Read more…

Qore System

Qore System

Synergistic Health Systems 

Qivana is pioneering a new approach to taking natural products. Many companies try to convince you a single product is all you need. Others force you to choose from amongst hundreds of products. Both approaches fall short. No single product can deliver everything your body needs and your time is too valuable to wade through hundreds of confusing products. Read more…