Qivana OpportunityWe are looking for people who want to have fun.  Do you enjoy talking with people and sharing products that can impact their lives on a personal health, family, and economic level?  All the while controlling your own schedule and actually being paid for what you’re worth. Then you should learn more.

Company Overview

When was the last time you felt really alive? There are thousands of untruths that people live every day. “I am stuck in my job.” “I can’t pay off my debts.” “I have no options.” And with each untruth a bit of life, of aliveness, dies.

Qivana is here to reverse the dullness that comes with mediocrity, to turn a light switch on life and to prove to you that there are options, if you’re willing to work for them.

Much like climbing a mountain, you don’t just end up on the top. You work for it, step by step. Sometimes you focus on the path at your feet and sometimes you look towards the summit. Every step adds meaning to your journey, as if you’re saying, “I want it. I’ll work for it. I have faith it can happen.”

Qivana can’t hand you success on a platter. But it can show you the path and give you the keys to success. Qivana leaders will walk with you every step of the way. Together we will go step by step to the summit. We are here to help you realize what you’ve always been deep inside, happy, successful, excited and full of life. Alive at last!!! You lose a little bit of life every time you settle for less than your dreams. Fight the urge to be mediocre and push on. There is a great view from the top of a mountain but you need to get there to be able to see it for yourself.

Your success is our focus.

Qivana is the first network marketing company to put you, the Qivana Business Owner (QBO), at the center of everything. Our sole mission is to make you and others like you the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

  • QBO’s are empowered through premium support. Everything about our network, product systems, sales tools and trainings has your success in mind.
  • Our singular business model focuses on the long-term, sustainable success of millions of QBOs.
  • Every aspect of our business has been designed to maximize sustainability and retention. We want your Qivana business to thrive for years to come.
  • We promote deliberate, meaningful financial goals. Financial independence is only relevant when it is realistic and attainable.

Discipline is a critical part of our excellence. Every decision—whether in international expansion, product development, events or commissions—is made after answering the question, “Will this decision benefit our Business Owners and propel them towards success?”

Are you ready to climb?  Listen to one of Qivana’s Top Achievers Story

One of Qivana Master Business Owners, John Terhune, is passionate about Qivana for many reasons. “There is no doubt Qivana will be an industry leader over the next several years and I want to be part of a team that will represent what excellence looks like.”

As a Master Qivana Business Owner, Terhune strives to set an example of servant leadership. He explains, “Success is measured by the number of people you help achieve their dreams, not how much you personally make or own.” He continued, “It’s important to do what you say and say what you do. I strive to set an example of business and personal behavior that people want to emulate.”

Terhune loves that Qivana’s Business Owners are at the core of Qivana. “The Qivana management team understands that the company is only as successful as their Business Owners.” In addition, “I love that the product strategy is all about cutting edge, real science. Making money by introducing and educating people about life-enhancing products – what a wonderful business!”

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