Dr. Harper Introduces Her NEW Revolutionary SKINSHIFT Program!
Dr Ruthie Harper has been nationally recognized for her contribution to the science of health and beauty by award winning international television shows like “Good Morning America” and “The Doctors“. Dr. Harper is featured on Good Morning America discussing SKINSHIFT, her latest breakthrough in personalized skincare based on your DNA. Today, thousands of patients have experienced the transformative benefits of the SKINSHIFT skin care program.

When Choosing Skin Care Products, First Know Your Skin

SKINSHIFT® will help you discover your skin’s potential to:

  • make and maintain healthy collagen levels
  • be prone to damage from inflammation
  • have the sun rob it of its natural health and beauty
  • sustain damage from your blood sugar levels through a process called glycation
  • be vulnerable to wrinkling and aging from free radical damage

With SKINSHIFT, science, not guesswork, provides you with a clear choice as to which skin care products and supplements are just right for you. The DNA test takes only 2 minutes to complete and will give you answers in the form of an easy-to-read SKINSHIFT report. (Download a Sample DNA Report by clicking the small picture of the report below – This is a very detail sample with lots of drawings, so give it a couple of minutes to download).

Download the SkinShift Report

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